Gay Cash [Lunate] A Sea Side Tale Cock Suck

Gay Cash [Lunate] A Sea Side Tale Cock Suck

“We finished that, we move onto the next stage when we are done here” she said “So Jerry about that new slave can I keep her?” she added “OHH yes Jessica, she is yours, and I have Lina in the slaughter house waiting to be butchered tomorrow?” he answered, looking relived Jessica breathes a sigh of relief. Continue reading The guards enter the room with the slave girl “Here she is sir, what should we do with her?” the guard asked “Take her back to my room and properly chain her down?” Jessica said, the guards looking to Jerry for instructions “Do it” he said looking to them, they turned and went down the long hall back to the crew quarters.

Hentai: [Lunate] A sea side Tale

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