Rico Yayoiori Dressing – The Idolmaster

Rico Yayoiori Dressing - The Idolmaster

“Geeze sis,” I replied, “That early? What, you blackout last night or something?”

“Guess so…” she replied nonchalantly, like it’s happened before, “I don’t remember much past 8 or 9. “Seriously?” I replied laughing, “You don’t know what kind of car the guy nailing you has?”

“Fuck you,” she said as she built up a more serious tone, “Do you know or not?”

“Jesus,” I replied trying to remember a car I drove past last night, “Yeah, it was this mustard colored yellow ford with a big ass dent in the rear bumper.

Hentai: [Dadachamame (TTOMM)] Yayoiori Dressing (THE IDOLM@STER) [Digital]

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[だだちゃまめ (TTOMM)]やよいおりドレッシング(アイドルマスター) [DL版]

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