Jockstrap [Twitter] HxD (@hxD9585) [Twitter] HxD (@hxD9585) Ducha

Jockstrap [Twitter] HxD (@hxD9585) [Twitter] HxD (@hxD9585) Ducha

I ask her what size, have her sit down, and I go to the store room and bring out several pairs for her to try on!!! I just barely sit down on my foot stool, that she puts her foot onto the pad, and slightly spreads her legs!!! Holy smokes, diary, she didn't have any panties on!!! Her pussy was shaved completely bare, and her lips were all bulged out and dripping with cunt juice!!! My hands must have been shaking, cuz she reached down and helped me slip on the shoe!!! When she leaned over she whispered into my ear that her pussy was on fire and that she was extremely aroused!!! She then asked me if I could smell her!!! Now she leaned back in her chair and brazenly spread her legs farther apart, giving me a much better look at her oozing cunt!!! Feigning an interest in the fit of her shoe, I leaned forward and took in a deep breath right below the hem of her dress!!! The smell of fresh pussy filled my nose, and of course I immediately drenched my panties from the smell of her aroused sex!!! She calmly took a hundred dollar bill out of her purse, handed it to me, and said she'd take both pairs of shoes, and that I could keep the change if I reached under her skirt and fingered her to a climax!!! Diary, that meant a thirty five dollar tip, so like any money hungry little girl would do, I casually slipped my hand up her thigh and quickly brought her to a stunning orgasm!!! It was really neat too, because she couldn't make a sound, she just had to sit there and let it wash over her like waves on the shore!!! Afterwards, I boxed up her shoes and watched her practically stumble out of the door!!! Nice tip, huh!?! See ya!!!

June 27 Dear Diary, Had a little fallout about that customer and the hand job!!! My boss, Miss Wilson, came up to me a few days later and asked me how many other women I had jerked off!!! She said she had seen the whole thing from behind a shoe display and wondered if maybe she should call my mother!!! I didn't say much, because we know my mom, and she'd probably wanna know the name of the customer so she could get her shot at her too!!! Anyway, Miss Wilson dragged me into a store room and made me show her my pussy, which she promptly got down and ate!!! I had to admit the old biddy could suck a mean cunt, and it didn't take her long to get me off but good!!! I thought we were done, but au contraire, she quickly pulled up her own dress and had me sucking at her hairy bush until she had her own hard cum!!! So as it turned out, I had to do two women to make that extra thirty five bucks!!! Later, see ya!!!

THE END. Lingerie Esther Verkest 01 De Wraak Van De… .

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