Gay Black Mina The Mongoose – Sonic The Hedgehog

Gay Black Mina The Mongoose - Sonic The Hedgehog

(but that i ready new because i hadnt drunk anything that night) the police officer said “get some sleep and recover im sorry sorry for what happened to you” i smiled but i noticed my teeth was all broken and few days later i was released from the hospital but was told to have bed rest from the next two weeks atleast

when i got home my mom said to me “you heard the doctor off to bed” i went to bed and fell asleep when i woke up i was laid on somethink well more of someone i was in harveys arms i looked up at harvey and said “hey” harvey said “shh dont talk save your energy for getting better” i closed my eyes again felling much more safer and much more loved (not saying that my parent of friends didnt love me at that point because they did and still do) the next morning i woke up but harvey was still asleep i watched him sleep looking so peaceful and sexy. harvey found me sat under a tree cry he said “baby whats up” “thats where it happened” harvey hugged me and said “you should have told me i would have taken another way home”

to be continued.

Hentai: Mina the Mongoose

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