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Brasil Koro Oka - Hololive

ok 2 guys are working at a dead end job one is white and the other is black the white guy is always happy and the black wanted to know why so he asked him why are you happy all the time well the white guy says i get some every night well the blank guy is shocked so he asks how so the man said powms so the black guy comes in the next morning all beat to shit and the white guy asks why so the black guy says i tryed the poitry shit did not work so the white guy asks what he said so he said he told her black bitch black bitch fat as a hog why dont you roll over so i can fuck you like a dog
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Hentai: [Momomomo Hakushaku] Koro Oka (Inugami Korone, Nekomata Okayu)

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[モモモーモー伯爵]ころおか(戌神ころね, 猫又おかゆ)

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