Perra IN THE HAREM A SIDE – The Idolmaster Femdom Porn

Perra IN THE HAREM A SIDE - The Idolmaster Femdom Porn


I walked over to the bed still eyeing up my 16 year old daughter’s sweet little ass, My cock ached with anticipation of what I was going to do with her, I glanced at the camcorder and tripod in the corner, they would all be watching us downstairs on the television, I would be fucking my daughter in front off an audience of nearly everyone I knew, I sat on the edge of the bed and gently I began running my fingers along the crack of her ass, She turned her head and said “ Please, be gentle!” and she faced away, Then I heard cheering from downstairs and people shouting “fuck her hard” “ tear her ass open” “ make her squeal” I looked at Rebecca wearing her crotch less panties and tights held up with garters, her short mini-skirt and opened shirt with her tanned big beautiful breasts protruding out and heaving as she breathed, I untied her ponytail and let her curly blonde hair fall loose, I told her to turn around and face me remembering to disguise my voice so she wouldn’t recognize me, the blindfold Terry made her wear was still intact, “ open your mouth” I said hoarsely, She did as she was told, I unzipped my pants and took out my cock, I gently stroked it and with my hand as I guided her head towards it and gasped as her soft lips wrapped themselves around my cock, I shoved it all the to the back of her throat as she began to move her head back and forth moaning as she sucked,
Terry was right, she was good, damn good, I breathed heavily as Rebecca rolled her tongue along my cock, slurping and sucking while her saliva coated my dick causing it to glisten and shine, I had my right hand cupping her left breast and my other hand gently stroking the back of her neck as she continued nodding her head and occasionally gagging on my cock, I felt myself building to cum when I stopped and pulled my dick out of her mouth, I stopped and looked at her, She was sitting there, sweat rolling down her face, her breasts heaving, her tits hard and rubbery, and her mouth wet, open and inviting, I leaned over and kissed her, shoving my tongue into her mouth, I let her swallow my saliva as it ran into her mouth, letting my tongue roll around with hers intertwined, then I pushed her back on the bed and leaned on top of her getting her to wrap her legs around my waist, I rammed her pussy with my cock feeling her quiver under me, and then I started to thrust in and out of her, She was still tight despite big Trevor’s hard rodding, I kept kissing her while pumping her at the same time,
She smelled of cum and sweat although I could still catch the scent of her perfume and the smell of coconut in her hair, but she was still dirty with the smell of Trevor and Terry, My dirty little girl who was squirming underneath me, I gently tugged on her nipples with my teeth as I shoved my finger in her mouth and told her to suck on it, after a minute I told her to turn over and Kneel on all fours, she did as I said and I got behind her and slowly lifted her mini-skirt unveiling her sexy ass once more, I saw her wet pink pussy glistening back at me, I slipped a finger in to her ass, poking it in and out, she squirmed uncomfortably no doubt she was still sore from Trevor ramming his fingers in and out,
I ran my hand around her ass cheeks noticing and feeling the brand left my the Murphy brothers now a permanent reminder of her debasement and degradation, I smiled as I shoved my dick into my teenage daughters ass, she flinched and moaned in pain, I enjoyed listening to her grunt and cope with the pain, I noticed the stash of sex toys on the bedside locker, I grabbed the vibrator and the thorny stick, I rammed the vibrator into tight little cunt and held the stick in my hand, the vibrator caused her ass to shake adding to my pleasure and her misery, I whipped her hard on the cheek of her ass with the thorny stick causing her to wail and cry and clench the cheeks of her ass with my meat in the middle, I groaned with satisfaction, The men downstairs watching everything we did on the camera in the room cheered with approval, “ whip that whore” said a voice “ make her cry” said another, I leaned over to my daughters ear remembering to disguise my voice and said “ squeal for me piggy, squeal!” She sobbed for a second and then began to squeal exactly like a pig, I grinned as I continued to pump her soft ass, thrusting harder and harder, until finally I shot my load deep into her, whipping her ass simultaneously
So she would clench her ass cheeks and squeeze every last drop out of my cock, “ good girl” I whispered and I about to pull myself out of her when she clenched again trapping my dick inside her, she gently rocked back and forth and let out a long moan as she rolled her head, I felt a dripping sensation and looked down and saw my daughters cunt spurting her juice as it dribbled on to the bed forming a wet patch, I pulled out the vibrator and let the rest spill out and then removed my dick from her ass and watched my cum leak down to her soaking cunt and drip onto the bed adding to the wet patch, I watched her tremble with pleasure, the guys downstairs were cheering ecstatically, I put my clothes back on and sauntered down the stairs to my drinking buddies who had no idea that the ‘whore’ I just fucked was my 16 year old daughter as I left I took one last look at Rebecca who was still trembling on all fours, moaning softly while rubbing her fingers along her freshly juiced cunt,
I walked back into the sitting room downstairs and was met with silence and looks of disbelief, “Damian, is that girl you just fucked your daughter?” said Tom, everyone stared at me, I looked at Terry and Willy who were smiling at me, “ actually…she is” I said going red in the face with humiliation and rage towards the Murphy’s for setting me up, no sooner had I said it when everyone in the room started to clap and applaud, I was amazed as was Terry and Willy who had expected everyone to laugh and jeer me for fucking my daughter, “ good man Damian” said Tom, “ your great” shouted big Trevor the man who popped my daughters cherry, I smiled and laughed as everyone shook my hand, “ hey! Why don’t we do this with all of our daughters” said Jerry (one of my many drinking buddies), “ yeah!” said another voice, “ I have 3 teenage daughters who I wouldn’t mind fucking” said Mickey (another regular to my local pub), “We could do this every weekend” said Tom, We all cheered and then turned to the Murphy bros’ who were looking at me apologetically, I held out my hand to show I held no grudge and they each shook it gratefully, “no harm done” I said “besides we’ll need both you two to mark all our daughters and coordinate these little evenings” said Mickey, “ no problem there!” said Terry grinning, “ I can’t wait” said Willy ( they’d obviously seen Mickey’s daughters and approved), We all celebrated and got on with the night each of them taking turns with my daughter whipping her, fucking her, humiliating her and degrading her and each of them did the same thing when they entered the sitting room again afterwards they walked over to me and shook my hand and complimented me on my daughters performance, after they had all had a go of her, we brought her downstairs and gang fucked her, punishing her as much as we could, At the end of the night we all arranged to meet up the following weekend for Mickey’s daughters, I collected my £1500 from the Murphy bros and everyone generously donated and extra £10 each for Rebecca as a tip making her an extra £200 on top of the £1000 she already earned, The following morning I got up and went to the pub everyone was talking about the night before and how much they enjoyed my daughter, many had already arranged private visits to fuck my little girl and I of course get 50% being her father, I could tell Rebecca was going to be a very busy girl from now on and I was going to be very comfortable financially, I went home that evening and saw Rebecca, she had just got in and had designer shopping bags under each arm, “did you have a good night at your friends house last night?” I asked (pretending to be casual) “ yes thank you Daddy” she said cheerfully, “I’ve been invited over again for a couple of nights this week for a studying group, is that okay Daddy?” she asked sweetly, “ sure thing sweetheart” I said, and she went upstairs and 5 minutes later called out to me,
“Daddy, come upstairs and help me” she called, I went up the stairs and walked into her room and was shocked to see my 16 year old daughter naked on all fours with her ass pointed straight at me she turned her head and looked at me biting her lower lip, I saw a vibrator and a thorny stick on the bedside locker and then looked back at her, “could you help ram that vibrator into my pussy while you pump my ass Daddy?” she said shyly,
“how did you know it was me fucking you last night?” I said still shocked but now with a major hard on, “ I recognized your after shave and you forgot to disguise your voice when you whispered ‘good girl’ to me” she said smiling “ was I good Daddy?” she asked, “you were great sweetheart!” I said unzipping my fly, “ can you help me Daddy? She said wiggling her bum at me, “ sure thing sweetheart!” I grinned and stepped into the room, life was going to be good from now on, really good. Domination Today's Secondary Erotic Image… THE END.

Hentai: (C81) [Shoujo Kishidan (Oyari Ashito)] IN THE HAREM A SIDE (THE iDOLM@STER) [English]


(C81) [少女騎士団 (大槍葦人)]IN THE HAREM A SIDE(アイドルマスター) [英訳]

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