Free Blowjob Elf-san To Issho! – Dragons Crown Gaydudes

Free Blowjob Elf-san To Issho! - Dragons Crown Gaydudes


A thought of you swells in my head
From it the monster begins to be fed
It's venom spirals through out my body
Making me feel a good sort of naughty
Poisoning the blood within my veins
Losing control of my reins
Pleasure stampedes into my heart
Stabbing my gut with it's lustful dart
Forcing my hands to descend
Into places that can't defend
My fingers, a replacement for your tongue
And slimy places it has stung
It's touch has been pulsing in my thighs
Blasting to excruciating highs
Your constant teasing
Your absent pleasing
I'm wondering if you can feel this ecstasy
My thoughts and their potency
From where you are
Somewhere out far. .

Hentai: [Yukia] Elf-san to Issho! (Dragon's Crown) [Digital]

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[ゆきあ]エルフさんといっしょ!(ドラゴンズクラウン) [DL版]

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