Big Natural Tits Heiwajima Melody – Durarara

Big Natural Tits Heiwajima Melody - Durarara

She says as I noticed she was parked infront of my aunts house
“I will mom aren't you getting out the car mom?” I ask as I open the door
“No sweetie I have to hurry back and get all my paperwork let your aunt know I'll call her in a bit” she leans over and kisses me on the cheek
“I will mom”I answer as I get out with my medium size backpack with all my stuff
I begin walking towards the door as a give one last wave to my mom before getting to the door,
(Knock knock)
“Hey aunts it's me James” I begin knocking on the door
“Coming” aunt Rachel answers back, I could hear her heel clack as she begins getting closer to the door
(Aunt Rachel opens the door)
“Oh James look at you; you look so big and handsome” she says rushing towards be big her arms extended out bringing me in close for a hug. Go to page My aunt has a pretty big house and upstairs and a downstairs the downstairs containing the kitchen, living room, dining room and one of the three bathrooms the upstairs is where all the rooms were located, my aunts master bedroom my cousin Jessica room and the guest room I would be staying at, and if I remember correctly there is a staircase that leads further down to what use to be my uncles man cave, as we begin walking down the upstairs hallway the first room we come across my cousin Jessica room where she has the door cracked open just a bit I catch a glimpse of her inside changing in front of her mirror I can't help but notice her in her cotton white panties as she put on a white long sleeve shirt, she begins to tilt her head in my direction and I quickly begin to look forward again hoping she did not see me
“And here is your room next to Jessica's pretty big isn't it” I walk inside scanning the area seeing the bed a computer and a closet were I set down my stuff
“Yes it is thank you”
“No problem sweetie if you need me I'm just a bit further down, I'll let you start unpacking” she winks at me and walks out
“Ok” I place my backpack on the bed and begin to unpack my stuff going though everything I have and placing it in the closet
” hey James” Jessica says excitingly
“Jessica?” I begin to turn around with boxers in my hands before feeling the impact of my cousin taking me down with a hug
“It's been months since I've seen you cousin” she says as she lays on top of me
” I know I've really missed you” i place my hands on her back and begin to massage her back
“We're going to have so much fun this week” she says as she buried her head deep into my chest
“Yes we're im so happy we graduated last year, we don't have to worry about school till college enrollment now
” I know right we can go out everyday this week ” she says as she begins to get up
“Well it's pretty late today so I'll let you finish up so we can have the whole day tomorrow” she smiles at me and begins to walk out
“Goodnight cousin” she says as she turns down the hall heading to her room
“Goodnight” i shout back as start to unpack again
“There finally finished” I say as I let myself drop on to my bed
I can't help but have the imagine if my aunt round ass in my head I can feel my 8 inch cock begin to grow and I begin to forget about everything surrounding me, i take my 8 inch member in my hand and begin to stroke it as the imagine of my aunt enters my head, my brain keeps up making a scenario of my aunt cleaning the house in a very see though shirt that show me her small perky nipples fully erect as she wears her skin tight yoga pants that leave nothing to the imagination, i begin to strike harder as she bends over infront of me giving me a perfect view of her camel toe inviting me over to give her the licking she has not had since my uncle left, i pick up speed as she lowers her yoga pants down and I get closer I place my hands on her hips and Aline my fully erect cock as I slowly begin to tease her, I begin to imagine myself slowly penetrating her as I feel a hand grab ahold of my cock and I jump up back into reality I nervously start looking around before looking down and seeing my aunt kneeled down infront of me fully naked beginning to stroke my cock, I Am to shocked to say a word and she just gives me a evil smile as she continues to stoke me, she stands up and brings her finger to her mouth telling me not to make a sound as she walks towards the door and shuts it closed, she walks toward me and lays next to me in bed and begins whispering in my ear
” you know what James” she placed her hand on my chest and begins to slowly slide it down
” you are a very handsome guy with a big cock and I hope it's not weird or anything but honey you know I have been divorced for years” she gets to my cock and begins to fondle it with the soft tips of her fingers.

Hentai: (C78) [Blue-SYSTEMa (Usa)] Heiwajima Melody (Durarara!!)

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(C78) [Blue-SYSTEMa (ウサ)] 平和島メロディ (デュラララ!!)

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