Alin Ma / Xenon – Yuno

Alin Ma / Xenon - Yuno


then Lisa the opened the door to the room with Kenny and they had all my stuff and Kenny put me I bed next to Billy and Lisat took me to my new bed and I sat down as the Kenny came over to me and put me back in my bed

Lisa told me that I was now there bitch and we will get you when ever we want and for the next 4 years they used my addition and this was our little secret for we never let anyone else know

My dick was still very hard and Lisa put a lub in my hand and watching me play with my dick until I cam all over my hand and she had me put a grown on and I layed down in my bed as nurse Lisa turned to light out and left our room


BruceAfter being home for 2 years I got hurt on March 18 and once I got sent back the nurse home that I was at before and right after I got lead to my new room Lisa and Kenny come to my room and put me in a new wheelchair and push me to the room that Billy was still in for he never left and when I came into the room Lisa tells Billy that I was back

Carl was now Billy room mate and Kenny had me stand up and take off all my clothes and Lisa took off Billy clothes and set him back down on his bed naked

I moved over like I was in a trance and I got up on the bed and with my right I put my fingers around Billy’s cock and slowly strokedit up and down until it got really hard and in one motion I sucked one of Billy’s balls in my mouth, I massaged it using my tongue. 4 times he came and when he pulled his 10 inch cock out of my asshole, Carl handed Kenny an 8 inch butt plug.

Hentai: Alin ma / Xenon – Yuno

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